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Development Overview

Building the project#

The project can be built in either of two ways: in the supplied container or locally.

Building the container image#

The building the docker image document gives detailed instructions on how to build and run the container supplied in the repo for testing and developing.

Building locally#

In order to build Lido for Solana locally, one will need a number of prerequisites:

  • Rust toolchain
  • Solana toolchain
  • Misc System Packages: libudev-dev, libhidapi-dev, pkg-config, openssl (these are the package names for Debian, please source equivalents for your OS is they are not already installed)


To build/test the CLI, one can use the normal cargo commands:

cargo build
cargo test

On-Chain Programs#

For the on-chain parts of the repo, one must use the bpf equivalent commands:

cargo build-bpf
cargo test-bpf

Note: The BPF commands require the Solana SDK to be installed as was previously stated.


The Specification document is a deeper dive into the code of Lido for Solana to tour the intent and implementation of the on-chain program and the cli.