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Manual withdraw with self-hosted widget

1. Local build


  • Node.js v18+
  • Yarn package manager

This project requires an .env file which is distributed via private communication channels. A sample can be found in sample.env


Step 1. Clone github repository stsol-unstake-widget

git clone

Step 2. Copy the contents of sample.env to .env.local

cp sample.env .env.local

Optinal: provide your-own private solana RPC endpoint

For the best experience, set your own RPC endpoint (VITE_SOLANA_RPC_ENDPOINT)

List of free services to get solana RPC endpoint

Step 3. Install dependencies

yarn install

Step 4. Start the development server

yarn dev

Step 5. Open http://localhost:5173 with your browser to see the result.

Step 6. Optional. Now you can build and deploy your own version of widget.