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Manual withdraw with self-hosted widget

1. Local build


  • Node.js v18+
  • Yarn package manager

This project requires an .env file which is distributed via private communication channels. A sample can be found in sample.env


Step 1. Clone github repository stsol-unstake-widget

git clone

Step 2. Copy the contents of sample.env to .env.local

cp sample.env .env.local

Optinal: provide your-own private solana RPC endpoint

For the best experience, set your own RPC endpoint (VITE_SOLANA_RPC_ENDPOINT)

List of free services to get solana RPC endpoint

Step 3. Install dependencies

yarn install

Step 4. Start the development server

yarn dev

Step 5. Open http://localhost:5173 with your browser to see the result.

Step 6. Optional. Now you can build and deploy your own version of widget.

2. Hosted version

You can use hosted version of this widget on

This version of widget rate-limited RPC endpoint - so it may be very slow