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Development Overview

Building the project

The project can be built in either of two ways: in the supplied container or locally.

Building the container image

The building the docker image document gives detailed instructions on how to build and run the container supplied in the repo for testing and developing.

Building locally

In order to build Lido on Solana locally, one will need a number of prerequisites:

  • Rust toolchain
  • Solana toolchain
  • Misc System Packages: libudev-dev, libhidapi-dev, pkg-config, openssl (these are the package names for Debian, please source equivalents for your OS is they are not already installed)


To build/test the CLI, one can use the normal cargo commands:

cargo build
cargo test

On-Chain Programs

For the on-chain parts of the repo, one must use the bpf equivalent commands:

cargo build-bpf
cargo test-bpf

Note: The BPF commands require the Solana SDK to be installed as was previously stated.


The Specification document is a deeper dive into the code of Lido on Solana to tour the intent and implementation of the on-chain program and the cli.