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This sdk helps you integrate with us, using three ways:

  1. Simplest way is using React banner.
  2. Support UI widget in your project. We provide js functions for staking, unstaking, statistics and transaction info.
  3. Use staking widget with UI (coming soon).


npm install @lidofinance/solido-sdk

Using banner

import { LidoStakeBanner } from '@lidofinance/solido-sdk';

<LidoStakeBanner referrerId="your_solana_referral_address" direction="horizontal" />

See Banner Section

Using SDK

import { SolidoSDK } from '@lidofinance/solido-sdk';

try {
const solidoSDK = new SolidoSDK('mainnet-beta', connection, 'your_solana_referral_address');

await solidoSDK.stake({
amount: 20, // The amount of SOL-s which need to stake
wallet: wallet, // Wallet instance
// Optional callback for getting information about transaction stage
setTxStage: setTxStageCallback,
} catch (e) {
// Handle Errors

See SDK Staking for details

Using staking widget

In progress, will be available soon.

Learn more