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Buiding a Docker image locally

In cases where there isn't a need to run the testnet (i.e. a local validator) and all that is required is the packaging of the Lido for Solana code and access to the Solana toolchain; there is the option of building a local container image.


Building a local version of the container requires that you have Docker installed but also the Rust toolchain.


To build the local image use the script. This will build and package Lido for Solana along with the Solana toolchain into an image:


Where hash will be the git hash of the current version of the code base.

Running the container

Once built, one can execute into the container interactively:

docker run -it --rm chorusone/solido:hash /bin/sh

This will provide a shell into the working directory where the Lido for Solana artefacts and the Solana toolchain are located. Inside the container, the Lido for Solana build artefacts are located in the solido directory which has the following structure:

  • /solido
    • /cli
    • /deploy

The cli directory contains the solido cli artefacts. The deploy directory contains the artefacts for the on-chain programs for Lido for Solana.