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Validation rewards that Lido on Solana receives are split into four parts:

  • 90% goes to stSOL holders in the form of stSOL value appreciation: stSOL holders now own a share of a larger pool of SOL. This is how users benefit.
  • 5% goes to validators to cover their operating expenses. The fees are distributed equally among all validators.
  • 4% goes to the treasury of the Lido DAO. The Lido DAO spends its treasury funds on e.g. bug bounties and grants to advance the ecosystem.
  • 1% goes to the developer for the development and ongoing maintenance of the Solido program.

All fees are distributed in the form of stSOL. The fee percentages are set by the Lido DAO, and can be changed by the administration multisig when called for by the Lido DAO. The fee percentages are stored on-chain, and you can inspect the current values with solido show-solido.