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The logic module contains general program logic that is not more directly associated with process, state or token functionality.



This function checks the balance of account in lamports, along with the data length to determine if the account is rent exempt.

pub(crate) fn check_rent_exempt(
rent: &Rent,
account_info: &AccountInfo,
account_name: &'static str,
) -> Result<(), ProgramError> {


This function gets the amount of lamports in reserve. The rent is subtracted from the total amount.

pub fn get_reserve_available_amount(
reserve_account: &AccountInfo,
sysvar_rent: &Rent,
) -> Result<Lamports, LidoError> {

Note: this function will fail if the reserve's balance minus rent is < 0.


Calculates the sum of lamports available in the reserve (after rent us discounted) and the stake pool

pub fn calc_total_lamports(
lido: &Lido,
reserve_account: &AccountInfo,
sysvar_rent: &Rent,
) -> Result<Lamports, LidoError> {


Creates and issues a spl_token MintTo instructioni from the Solana SPL token library program.

pub fn token_mint_to<'a>(
lido: &Pubkey,
token_program: AccountInfo<'a>,
mint: AccountInfo<'a>,
destination: AccountInfo<'a>,
authority: AccountInfo<'a>,
authority_type: &[u8],
bump_seed: u8,
amount: StLamports,
) -> Result<(), ProgramError> {


This function first checks the the lido account is indeed the owner and then deserializes the lido data into the Lido struct.

pub fn deserialize_lido(program_id: &Pubkey, lido: &AccountInfo) -> Result<Lido, ProgramError>